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Molly O Troutman — Memorial Services
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My daughter, Molly O Troutman, died on November 12, 2015. Molly’s  memorial services were held at the Kanuga Inn in Hendersonville, North Carolina on June 25, 2016. Her siblings put together one of the most touching memorial celebrations I’ve ever … Read More

What’s Not to Love about the Love of a Dog!
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Yep, we have a trail dog. Stanzi is getting good at trail behavior. And as soon as we are sure she will come when called, regardless of distractions, we will feel completely comfortable with her on our hikes. She’s not … Read More

Six Steps to More Spirituality In Your Hiking
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There’s a lot of talk these days about yoga, meditation, karma and such. Most is good, I am sure. But, I wonder how many hikers realize just how spiritual your hiking can be? I began toying with meditation and spiritual … Read More

Another Welcome Hiker!
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Amanda Machado adds her voice to the growing chorus of women of color claiming their place in the rugged outdoors. via Women of Color Are Blazing New Paths on Old Trails — Longreads

Three Reasons to Keep On Hiking as I Approach Ninety
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We have 613 miles of trails in our Carson National Forest, most of which are within a few minutes drive of my front door. Virtually all are only a little over an hour away. And these trails range in difficulty … Read More