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Why not rest at such a beautiful spot at the end of the trail — Jack Connell and Bill on Vista Verde

I sometimes surprise myself.

As I turned the page of last week’s calendar I can’t help notice what a great week it was on the trails.

Can I say it modestly, that I missed only one day of hiking this past week?

There wasn’t much time for other news to write about.  So here are some photos.

Monday – with Fort Worth’s Jack Connell and Mark Lenz on Vista Verde Trail.


Tuesday — same guys on a couple miles of Columbine and another on the Rim Trail.


Wednesday — my hiking buddy Brandon for about four miles on South Boundary Trail.


Thursday — rest day having coffee with my long time teacher, Joy Dillingham.



Friday – with my wife, Joy, and our puppy Stanzi on Amole Canyon Trail.



Saturday — solo a couple of miles on South Boundary Trail.


Mel Sculley, daughter Elsie, Charles Clayton and Bassett Hound Rosebud


Sunday — nice 7-1/2 mile five hours on the West Fork Santa Barbara Trail, plus a bit on the Middle Fork. I met so few people on the trail on a holiday week-end I was really surprised.  But I did meet some other Taoseneans.  So I took their picture.


If I don’t do it, I may not be able to .  So I keep on moving the joints.

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