Since access to this site is, you probably figured that's me.
While I am William Kemsley Jr., I'm usually called Backpackerbill.
It's because I founded Backpacker magazine. 
That was 1973, and shortly afterwards, I co-founded the only representation for hikers at the federal level, the American Hiking Society.
I’ve always been a hiker, since I was old enough to walk.
And I've enjoyed chatting with hikers, usually out on a hiking trail.
I especially like schmoozing about backpacking footnotes.
 By “footnotes” I mean things we talk about when we stray to off-trail topics like philosophy and spirituality. 
I'll try to post weekly about hiking and those fascinating "footnotes."   
I hope you'll join in the conversation.
Just add your comments to the space below each post.

Please don’t hesitate to stir the pot with us.

And, for goodness sake, don't be bashful.  Both I, and other visitors, love so much hearing from other readers.
We'd appreciate it of course, if you'll keep it respectful, as if you are out there in person on the trail with us.

Should you want to get more serious, follow my posts.
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I live in a casita in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, with my wife, Joy, and our dog, Stanzi.
I hike every morning with Stanzi on one of the thirty mountain, desert and canyon trails within twenty minutes of our front door.
Joy joins us a few times a month on some of our longer, more adventurous hikes.