Hi, my name is William Kemsley Jr.
I've been called BackpackerBill for founding Backpacker magazine back in 1973 and for co-founding the American Hiking Society shortly thereafter.
I  am also founder of the New Mexico School of Practical Philosophy, which offers study of Plato and Eastern Advaita Vedanta philosophy.
I’ve always enjoyed chatting with “thinking” hikers, usually on our backpacking trips.
I especially like chatting about what I call our backpacking footnotes.
 “Footnotes” is straying off-trail onto topics like the philosophical and spiritual things over which we’ve whiled away our hours around campfires.  I'll be doing my part in my blog posts.  I'll be posting weekly.  Only a few posts will relate to trails  Most will be about philosophy and spirituality.  I'll especially post about Self-realization, immortality and reincarnation.  And mostly  how hiking gives me great awareness in these areas.
Please don’t hesitate to stir the pot with me. Just keep it interesting and respectful.

And don't be bashful. The comment box is there for your thoughts.  And if you want to follow these blog posts, sign up for them and notices of new posts will arrive regularly by email.  I promise you this.  Your name stays right here with me.

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Before Hike Bill & Tessa

Tessa 2 11-14-15

Joy & Tessa on Trail

I live in a casita in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, with my wife, Joy, and our dog, Tessa.
I hike every morning with Tessa on one of the thirty mountain, desert and canyon trails within twenty minutes of our front door.
Joy joins us a few times a month on some of our longer, more adventurous hikes.