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This one for instance!

Hiking with nine dogs!!?

My hiking buddy, Brandon, and I came across this motley group on our way out of the Williams Lake Trail on June 30. Fascinating folks.  They said they were not old friends, but had just met at the hot springs by the John Dunne Bridge.


From left to right, the humans are:
Wildcat from Oklahoma
Ali from Seattle
Pan Con Ajo from Puerto Rico
Orvich from Boston
Navona from Santa Fe
Kabir from Arkansas
Mama dog (In Pan’s hands) is Lolita from Puerto Rico. The two orange dogs with Wildcat are Applesauce (L) and Nazeem (R) and the other dog who was not one of Lolita’s puppies is Bhutto.
Us six humans and eleven dogs met at the Black Rock hot springs that morning. Wildcat and I were up from Santa Fe for a music festival at the Taos Mesa Brewery, which is where we met Kabir for the first time. We didn’t coordinate to meet him again at the hot springs; that was providence. Pan and Orvich were on a road trip from Boston to Florida to Oregon to Pan’s new farm. Ali was on a solo road trip and heading home to Seattle.



They were a happy group, and dog-lovers to the max.

One of them is supposed to see this post and send me the names of the folks in the picture.  That would be nice.


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