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Ever since our dog, Tessa, died back on February 29 we’ve been taking pictures of hikers with dogs we meet on the trail.

Here are two more.

Mark & Pepe on So Boundary Trail 7-18-16
Here’s Mark and his beauty, Pepe, who we see on the South Boundary Trail from time to time, like this morning. Does she look like a Belgian Shepherd?


Margie & Lili on So Boundary 7-20-16
Margie & Lili on So Boundary Trail. Lilli is a Chinese rescue dog. Margie’s son sent her pictures and the culinary prospects of shelter dogs in China. So Margie couldn’t resist having Lili shipped to Taos for her. Bravo, Margie!



James and Uma 7-18-16
And we owe this one to James and Uma who we see quite often on Divisidero and South Boundary trails. Uma’ seems so happy about her beautiful new collar.


Tessa's Grave 7-19-16
We’ve been collecting rocks, one for every hike we take to place on Tessa’s grave next to her sentinel rock where she guarded our home. The only time she barked was when something came near. More often she was guarding us from rabbits or coyotes.

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    Thanks Bill. Always enjoy seeing you on the trail!


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