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Today the Italiano Trail with my friend Eric Stamberger.

What do you know? We ran into more dogs and their trail companions.


Here’s Rick & Maggie from Albuquerque with their boss dog, Rosie.

Rick & Maggie and their dog Rosie Italiano 7-29-16


And today Italiano was getting lots of visitors from far far away.

Among them was this couple from Boston, Ron and Judy with their dog, also named Rosie.  It must have been a day for Rosies, waddayathink?

Ron & Judy with Rosie on Italiano 7-29-16


I had to run after Sarah and her Husky, Kira.  They were really high-energy speeders.  My guess is that Kira was giving Sarah a work-out.

Luckily they stopped for Kira to get a drink at one of the eleven-or-so stream crossings.

Kira is such a beautiful Husky!

Sarah & her dog Kria Italian 7-29-16


That was today on our short trot a couple of miles or so up the stream.

Yesterday, wife Joy, and I saw only one dog on the South Boundary Trail.  It was Elvis with his boss dog, Todd.  They seemed happy to pose for us, don’t you think?

Todd & his dog Elvis So Boundary 7-26-16


Then, Eric and I also ran into Marcie who I met on the South Boundary with her dog Shen the other day with my wife Joy.  I put up their pic a few posts back.  Today, though she was without her dog, but with an old college mate visiting from Chicago.

Darn, I should have taken their pic to add to this post.  Oh well, the way hiking is in Taos we keep running into the same hikers on trail after trail.  So, next time I see Marcie I’ll snap a shot.


It’s really been fun getting acquainted with so many dog-hikers and their dogs.  But I’m getting real lonely for another trail pup.

We’re looking.  If you have any suggestions of breeders or other sources of a female small standard silver poodle, let me know.

That’s wife Joy’s department.  But I know she’s looking hard, and not having much in the way of success yet.  So, help us if you can.

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