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So Eric and I are out for a leisurely stroll up the South Boundary Trail to have lunch and chat.

Beautiful day for it.

Then we bump into Joni MacCracken and her dog, Myrtle.

She says, “Yes, we’ve met on the trail before.  You’re Backpackerbill.”

And I ask, “Did I take your picture with your dog?”



Joni MacCracken and her dog Myrtle on the South Boundary Trail

So I say, “It must because I got carried away with looking at her beautiful mistress.”

To which Miss Joni smiles.

Why shouldn’t she.

Anyway, I make it up to her by snapping her and her dog, Myrtle’s, photo, which you see here.

And of course, I am addicted to taking photos of people and their dogs on trails.

When we bump into a family, three generations of women — Hillary Shaw, her Daughter Mary Cox and her daughter Ainslie with their dog Frank — I just can’t resist.

And so Eric and my day has been eventful on the trail.

Love it.  This is what people used to do “back in the day” before autos and they had to walk to Saturday at the market or Sunday going to church. Running into others, stopping to chat, and taking life a bit more leisurely.

Sadly, I no longer have my Tessa to take my daily walks on the trail.  And am still getting Stanzi ready for solo hikes with me.

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