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My daughter Katie took me on an exotic tour of the world within The City!

We went to New Delhi, Rome, Athens, Cairo and Shanghai — all by subway train!

And without a doubt, New York, New York is a great carnival of coming and going — people of all kinds coming from all kinds and going to all kinds!

We ate our first evening’s dinner at a cosmopolitan little cafe, called the Jackson Diner, that now serves East Indian cuisine.

We had a table by the window from which we watched folks passing our street-side view.

Most women were wearing burkas.


Many men had colorful beards. There were even men with beards like this man’s; but were psychedelic orange. We missed getting photos of them. Sorry!


I swear this is Jackson Heights, New York, New York! Nope, not New Delhi.


Oh the musicians!


I’d say bringing home the bacon, except for the turban!



On the other hand, I had serious business in New York too.

Two of my oldest friends and I had some important hiking business to take care of with the American Hiking Society.

That’s Jim Kern on the left. He’s the founder of the Florida National Scenic Trail.

And that’s Paul Pritchard on the right. Paul’s helped hikers over a long career.

First as executive director of the Appalachian Trail Conference, then executive director of the National Parks & Conservation Association, and also as Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior.

We’re old geezers in retirement now.

But we’re having oh so much fun still helping to save trails.

I’ll tell all about it in the near future.

Watch for my post about “Closing the Gaps” in the nations long trails.

You may want to add your shoulder to this effort from your home.

We’ll give you the opportunity in my coming post.

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