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There Is a Something New Coming.

Perhaps not fast, but coming.

It’s a way of seeing things. A way that is beyond what we can now imagine.


Think of it this way.

Some of us know what it is to be spiritually aware of how to glimpse beyond the ego-centric view of things in life – the me, mine, gottaget attitude – whether it is more material possessions, more knowledge, or more adventures.

There is a perspective that is full of bliss beyond all of these. And if you’ve ever been aware of it, you’d want more. But just “wanting” more is what will keep you from getting more.

It is that perfect peace that is beyond anything you can understand or imagine.

It comes unexpectedly from time to time. We usually have an idea of how to get it again. But what we then get is counterfeit. And we know it.


Unknown Territory

Let me draw an intellectual map of what and where it is. If you are with me thus far, you’ll know exactly what I mean and not take the description as anything more than a puerile word sketch.

We humans are the top of a hierarchy of beings. Rough, inanimate, mineral matter of rocks, dirt, inorganic stuff is the bottom of the heap. On top of that are the plants, next progressing upward is animal life, and at the top are we humans.

This hierarchy, beginning with inanimate matter, adds life to that to create the plant kingdom, then consciousness is added at the animal level, with finally humans have self-awareness.


What we are seeing today, mostly due to the Internet, are vast varieties of individuals whose inner eyes are opened to the spiritual level of being.

250px-MonasteryChristDesertThey are in monasteries, ashrams, spiritual schools, and gatherings of various sorts. They are in all religious and spiritual groups, even outside them.

As individuals advance beyond being captive to ego, they are more and more aware that many others are also equally advanced.

It is human nature for like-minded to be drawn to like-minded and form communities of their kind.

The wealthy gather in gated-communities. Sports fans jam stadiums. So do music lovers. Believers congregate in churches. Other searchers gather together in monasteries and ashrams.

There are many ways in which spiritual seekers recognize each other and gather together to pursue their quests.

However, spiritual beings do not readily organize. Whenever they try the organization bends unintentionally to ego-powered leaders who know the worldly ways of organizing. And then other spiritual egos also rise to cause loss of purpose erupting within the organization.

You see this in spiritual groups that become popular on the Internet to follow the latest gurus. The more authentic of these gatherings are the more loosely knit. A good example is one of the loosest organized, Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s so loose an organization that any group of two or three who gather together to follow the footsteps of the founders can call themselves an “AA group.”

Of course, that has always been true for followers of Jesus as well. Though not ordinarily understood in that way. Other than the big branded denominations, there are numerous smaller gatherings of devotees who worship regularly and have common intentions of following Jesus in their particular understanding of his “way.”

Jews also seem to have a loose organization of congregants. They seem to shift association as leaders rise and fade away.

images-2 imagesSimilarly in the East. Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists all seem to have loose organizations. As time slips by groups give way to other small groups arising as gurus appear.

Spirituality has developed and spread this way for several thousand years, with good results here and there. There are always a few in each group who become recognized as the more spiritually adept.


Is Something New On the Horizon?

There seems a development in the spiritual realm in the West that has been gaining force since about the 18th century.

It was embryonic in the 1700s in Germany and Britain with independent scholars finding Eastern religious views and translating their scriptures into Western languages, including dictionaries and glossaries of gods, terms, and philosophies.

It reached a high point in the late twentieth century with New Agers, as well as a far broader re-discovery of spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and rituals from both the East as well as the Western past.

I think I see signs of a rise of another level of consciousness through all of this. It is only in the most rudimentary stage, though I don’t believe it is recognized for what it is.

It is not just a matter of numbers of spiritual seekers, nor how devout they are. There seems to be an actual opening among many people to a new level of being.

I see this occurring in science, religion, spiritual groups all with a massive yearning for a new level of comprehension.

I’m talking about a rise of consciousness beyond the best of human self-awareness.

There are hints of it at in many ways.

One of the most significant seems to me indicated in P. D. Ouspensky’s concept that we have a fourth dimension and it is Time. And the exploration of its many facets.

We see this in science by Einstein’s examination of relativity, in the physicists’ examination of the quantum conundrum and the uncertainty principle. It’s being confronted by the religious re-examination of faith, belief, and scripture. And I see it explored by so many different, disparate spiritual explorers gathering together in so wide an assortment of configurations.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, in America at least, there was a huge hope that “the Age of Aquarius” was upon us. I’m not sure that anyone could have defined what they meant by the Age of Aquarius, despite the books written about it. I just don’t think anyone knew how to explain what was going on amongst themselves.

But, I do feel, and believe, that they were onto something. It was “blowing in the wind” as a popular songwriter had it.

It is still with us, even more prevalent than ever and just as elusively mysterious.


Something is about to burst upon the world from some advanced spiritual seekers.

But I also know that, as my first spiritual guru said back in my early questing days of the 1950s, “When you think you know, it’s a clue that you obviously do not know.”

So, what point is there in my writing about it? I’m not sure. Other than that it may just be as Jesus suggested, that we should “watch.”

Jesus and his disciples urged followers to “watch and pray” – for Jesus’ return, the coming apocalypse, and avoid one’s own sinning.

This may be a simplistic view.

Nonetheless, it does indicate a wider spirituality. There is no doubt in my mind that the call to “watch” is on the mark.

What are we doing when we meditate, practice yoga, participate in retreats and rituals and open our attention out beyond our limited ego-driven perspective?

Doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, the cards are stacked. The next wave of human development is just around the corner.

And of course, “around the corner” may literally be next week. Or it may not come for another century. But I feel certain that it is “in the wind” and we are participants in its development, whether we realize it or not, want to or no, agree or disagree.

And it has nothing to do with what you or I think it will be. It will probably be a new way of perceiving. And as radically different as was the shift upwards from animal consciousness to human self-awareness.

I am reminded of Kant’s notion of the wine glass.

Kant thought that space and time are not real, but just tools of the mind to organize sense impressions as a wine glass gives shape to the wine that is poured into it.

What would it be like if we give up our notions of space and time?

What on earth could we substitute for them?

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