Heal Back Aches Very Slowly At 89

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Most of my followers know I haven’t been on the trail for several weeks. I’ve been recuperating from sciatic nerve issues in my tissues. I mean major paralyzing pains up and down my legs, back and neck. Could barely walk … Read More

UFOs At Our Backpacking Camps

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  We saw the most disturbing UFO at our camp in the Aravaipa Wilderness. t suddenly lit up about the size of a softball and hovered just above the rim of the canyon wall. “What’s that, Kenn?” I asked my … Read More

What I Learned from the Gita This Morning

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This morning before meditation and my hike I studied a few verses from the Bhagavad Gita. It always amazes me how often I can read the same few words and get more meaning from them the next time I read … Read More

Why Hike?

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A lot of young people mean well. They want to “help” us geezers by telling us we look younger than we are. Or that we can still do things we once did when we were younger. But what a set-up for failure! … Read More

Backpackerbill on Crutches?

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My hiking companion, Brandon, takes a few minutes before we start hiking to stretch his legs and torso.  And he does them when we complete our hike. I wait patiently. I have a set of stretching exercises that are much … Read More

Chapter Two – Whatever Happened to Larry Darrell After the Razor’s Edge?

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A Hermit in The City “No, I didn’t mean ‘hermit’ as a metaphor. At least it isn’t to him.” Larry Darrell was chatting with his friend in the lobby of the Algonquin Hotel. “Blue is one of my regular passengers. … Read More

Whatever Happened to Larry Darrell After the Razor’s Edge? Chapter One

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The Meeting at the Algonquin Hotel   It’s understandable that the maître d’ wouldn’t take him for one of the hotel’s esteemed guests — dressed in waist-length denim jacket, neatly creased jeans and dark blue French beret. He had come … Read More

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