The San Leonardo Trail near the Pecos Wilderness

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The other day I hiked the San Leonardo Trail. With a name like Leonardo how could I resist? While the DaVinci was not a saint, he certainly is one of my all time heroes and a mountain climber centuries before … Read More

Therapy Hikes for this Old Geezer

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Between my more strenuous hikes I take some easier ones to keep the body’s joints greased. The hikes shake out the kinks in my get-alongs. And sort of keep me in shape for the heartier hikes. So, after my San … Read More

Cougar Tracks on a Therapy Hike with a Post-Cardiac Geezer

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My Texas friend, Jack — arrived to hike in Northern New Mexico just four days after his angioplasty. The docs placed ten stents in Jack’s arteries and told him it was okay for him to take “moderate” hikes, like “easy-does-it” … Read More

How Best to Face Dying

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At 90 I am in a not much different situation than a younger person receiving the horrid news they have a very limited time left to live. Most of us have had friends or relatives who’ve received that news. Both … Read More

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs on the Santa Barbara Trail

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Another day on the Santa Barbara Trail, USFS Trail #24. And more dogs. Eric and I met three dogs (and their owners) on a great day-hike on the Santa Barbara, one of our all time favorite trails. First we encountered … Read More

Another Doggie Day on the South Boundary Trail

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So Eric and I are out for a leisurely stroll up the South Boundary Trail to have lunch and chat. Beautiful day for it. Then we bump into Joni MacCracken and her dog, Myrtle. She says, “Yes, we’ve met on … Read More

Seven Tips for Geezer Hiking with Heart Problems

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I seem to be hiking these days with a lot of old geezers carrying nitro-glycerine tablets in their pocket. Of course, we are all still hiking after having had our tickers acting up. So if you are one of us … Read More

Tricks to Prod a Geezer to Hike When He Feels Real Shitty!

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Today I felt that way! I felt dull-witted, punky, ache-eee. Yet, we’d agreed to meet Gwen and John with their poodles at 6:45 AM for a three-mile hike. Our commitment prodded me enough to get dressed and out to meet … Read More

What Happens to Space When It Is Occupied?

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We usually think of space as empty space. Especially when we speak of space exploration. Even the name of our space exploration agency, National Aeronautical and Space Agency, implies empty space to be explored. But of course, there is another, … Read More

Molly O Troutman — Memorial Services

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My daughter, Molly O Troutman, died on November 12, 2015. Molly’s  memorial services were held at the Kanuga Inn in Hendersonville, North Carolina on June 25, 2016. Her siblings put together one of the most touching memorial celebrations I’ve ever … Read More

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