EVOLUTION – My Faith! is Better than Yours!

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It’s pitiful that grown-ups get into a lather over such silly things as whether their beliefs are fact or theory?  Really!! And “scientists” so petulant they spend their time writing books like Richard Dawkins’ The God Illusion and call those who don’t agree … Read More

Suppose the Jesus Story Isn’t True?

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  Isn’t what Dawkins says here due to the power of The Jesus Story?   You may not be a Christian, nor even religious.  Perhaps you’re even an atheist. Whatever, just watching this film with an open mind may give … Read More

Christmas Breakfast Bread

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My wife, Joy, baked it for me first thing Christmas morning. My favorite bread.  It is so good it makes a meal by itself. I eat it by the fireplace with butter and a bit of outstanding Seaside Cheddar we … Read More

Sat-chit-ananda In the Wilderness

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Satchitananda?   . . .  is the Eastern philosophical term for the reality beyond sense perception. Satchitananda is comprised of three Sanskrit words — sat, chit and ananda.  In English — being, consciousness and bliss. That’s pretty much in agreement with Western … Read More

The Wilderness of the Mind

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I was sitting in a large auditorium with a hundred or so other students, listening to a lecture on philosophy by a remarkable professor, when I realized there wasn’t a thing in that room that was “natural.”   I searched … Read More

In Stillness Is Your Strength

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  The header photo is the snow storm on our road as I write this post.  It dumped another ten inches on us. The night before last it snowed four inches.  But it mostly melted down on the mesa, which … Read More

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