Three Things I Learned from the Dying

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I lost three more friends this past year. It’s something that happens more frequently with age. There are three major lessons I learned from their dying.   1.Don’t wait. Do it now! I can’t count the number of times that … Read More

What Can We Geezers Learn About Dying?

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  At my age, the realization of how few days I have left reminds me daily of how perishable this body is. While I doubt there are many who’ve more belief in a spiritual afterlife than me, I still wonder if … Read More

Four Tips for How Geezers Can Find Their Most Comfortable Hiking Pace

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One annoying thing about hiking with younger hikers is trying to adjust to their hiking pace. It took me awhile to figure out how to deal with this. But now I’ve got it down to a comfortable pace. And no … Read More

Poodles on a Get-Acquainted Hike

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Our Poodles Meet, Greet and Romp.   Saturday John and Gwen, Joy and me took our pups on the Santa Barbara Trail. They loved it. On a warm spring day like this what’s not to love? Water high in the … Read More

A Geezer’s Week on the Trails

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I sometimes surprise myself. As I turned the page of last week’s calendar I can’t help notice what a great week it was on the trails. Can I say it modestly, that I missed only one day of hiking this past week? … Read More

Five Tips for Buying Hiking Boots

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I’ve been hiking for close to 85 years already and have worn out at least a dozen pair of hiking boots. I’ve heard a lot of hype about buying “the perfect hiking boot.” Most is interesting but not very useful. … Read More

Waiting for Old Geezer, Bill

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Back in the day — I was always waiting for the slowest hiker.  Today I am the slowest hiker. Not bad though, for I’ve taken a tip from one of my favorite backpacking companions, my nephew Kenn Petsh,. Kenn always … Read More

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