A Geezer Grasp of Karma

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Karma is simple, really.  And is true of every single action and idea everywhere. I get a good idea of how karma works while surrounded by pinyon trees here in my yard. There are nuts In the pinyon’s pine cones. … Read More

Wisdom for Geezers (and everyone else!)

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As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a $300 or a $30.00 watch – – they both tell the same time. Whether we carry a $300 or a $30.00 wallet/handbag – – the amount of … Read More

Hikers’ Touching Sentiments On the Appalachian Trail

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Here’s a hiking tear-jerker. Dozens of AT hikers do it for Paul. I doubt you can watch this video without feeling the sentiments these hikers gave to Australian hiker, Paul’s dream to hike end-to-end on the Appalachian Trail. Thanks to … Read More

Hiking With My Flatlander Friends and Their Love of Taos Trails

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Most visitors want to hike when they come to Taos. On Thursday it was Jack Connell, his friend Mark and Mark’s son, Brian who came up from Fort Worth.   Jack had us stopping to look at the scenery. “You … Read More

Sunday Hike in Taos, New Mexico

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We wanted to have a whack at connecting a loop of two trails from river to rim in the Rio Grande Gorge from the Taos Junction Bridge out along the rim and back down.  We had each hiked sections of … Read More

What Is Meant By “All the World Is an Illusion?”

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Buddhists say the world is an illusion So a physicist friend asks, “If all is illusion, how can we know what is true?” It’s a good question but not easily answered. From a Western perspective, the first name that comes to mind is … Read More

Quirky Taos Hiking Weather

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See that sky in the header.  It’s a Taos sky — sunshine and rain.   A friend says that when the weather service predicts rain in Taos with a percentage of probability, it doesn’t mean the probability that it is … Read More

Women Walking Dogs On the Hiking Trails

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Finding My Way – Both on the Trail and In My Head   I was feeling energetic so I chose a bit more strenuous trail this morning. Besides, I’ve a cramping in my calf muscle. So this trail, being steeper … Read More

A Final Good-bye to Our Dog, Tessa and Greetings to Our New Puppy

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Finally, our new girl’s mom, Sunday, had a litter of nine, four male and five female puppies. Hallelujah! One is ours!   We had to go hike Tessa’s favorite trail to let her know.   I’m sure I’m a wuss! … Read More

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