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I arrived in NYC Thursday to visit my children and grand children.

A daughter in Brooklyn, another who came down from Boston — and of course their partners — gathered in The City for a few days of fun.

One day we did the Museum of Natural History and a bit of Central Park.

Diane and Chuck strolling alongside the Museum of Natural History’s gardens.


My Brooklyn daughter’s partner, Charles Jeffreys, is an amazing aficionado of natural history.  Charles gave us an extremely informative tour of the museum. He really made the exhibits come alive!


Parking for The Great Carnival of Life

Even though I lived in The City more than half my life, it still fascinates. So I thought I’d share some of these scenes.

Most notable of course was the parking!

$65 plus tip!

For just three hours at the museum.

We parked a car for a few hours — $65 plus tip!

(Notice the cost of bicycle parking in lower right-hand corner of the sign above!)


For free bicycle parking.

There are many racks and fences where you can park your bike while doing business, such as this one at the Buddha Bodai Chinese restaurant we where we ate lunch.


And many other places around town.

Be sure to read all signs carefully though before latching your bike to any old fence.

Or  you might be surprised when you return!


Or perhaps you might take a Rent-a-Bike parked at one of the Rent-a-Bike racks.

Peddle to your next stop, leave the bike at another Rent-a-Bike rack which are located at many locations throughout The City.


Virtually anything can be parked in The Big Apple.

How about parking your baby stroller?

Parking lot on the corner of 86th Street and Amsterdam Avenue — for baby strollers!


Moments for refreshments 

There are also vehicles parked at various spots throughout The City that offer a great bite to eat.


If parking is tight and you need to park in a “No Standing” zone — 

Be sure you have the right vehicle, then park on the curb.

Police cars parking on curb in NYC 5-3-17 (2).JPG

The Big Apple’s people also need places to park for a rest.

For they ALL have to use their Smart Phones.


Then too, where do the dogs park to meet and greet other dogs?

Here’s a group of pug owners. They meet on Facebook. Then gather once a year in The City.



After all, this is the Big Apple!




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