Who Is this Mysterious “Bill” That I Think I Am?

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Lunching with my friend, Eric, out on a trail, just lolling about, he said, “Amazing how few people have as good a time as we’re having this afternoon!” We chatted for awhile. I keep fully attentive to what we were … Read More

How Best to Face Dying

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At 90 I am in a not much different situation than a younger person receiving the horrid news they have a very limited time left to live. Most of us have had friends or relatives who’ve received that news. Both … Read More

Mysteries of the Great Chain of Being for Geezers – I Mean BIG Mysteries!

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Something Otherworldly Hovers Just Beyond What We Can See! Watching a Stellar Jay flit from branch to branch in a pinyon pine tree near my camp gives me firsthand understanding of an ancient concept rarely talked about today – the Great … Read More

What’s Outside the Box of Space and Time?

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I often camp alone. It’s not that I don’t like camping with others. I have several friends with whom I enjoy chatting  around a campfire. But that’s just it. When I’m alone I observe things I usually don’t if I am chatting. … Read More

Five Classic Spirituality Books

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If like me, you’ve had difficulty grasping the irrational, other-worldly terms used by knowledgeable people speaking about spiritual and mystical matters, you may find these titles helpful in re-arranging your little grey cells. While I do not believe spirituality can … Read More

How to Be Present Now

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The Mountain is Misty Today And I’m so much a part of this mountain now that when the mood of the mountain changes — day to day, hour by hour — so does my desire to hike its trails change … Read More

Finding Life’s Purpose

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Hiking causes me to wonder about such things   When I see pine cones beneath towering ponderosa pines hundreds of years old, I realize their seeds have a purpose to create new pine trees — given the right sun, soil, moisture and … Read More

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