Stanzi, the Hiker-Dog, Meets Big Horn Sheep!

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Yes, on her first hike in the wilderness of the Rio Grande Gorge Stanzi met 7 big horned sheep!   Hard to say who was more surprised!  Stanzi or us! She was doing so great on the trail we dropped … Read More

Our Pup, Stanzi, Goes On Her First Hike

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We took our dog, Stanzi, on her first hike. She’s my wife Joy’s four-and-a-half month old pup. I’m Stanzi’s trail guide. And what a great time this guide has with his client! We held back taking her hiking until she had her … Read More

It was a year of loss! — Our Dog Tessa. And gain! — Our Dog, Stanzi

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We lost our dear, Tessa, February 29th. Her grave memorial is covered with a hundred rocks, each from a trail she loved. We miss her terribly.   We got Stanzi on November 6 from her mom, Sunday, in Minnesota.   … Read More

Stanzi Has Arrived and We Rejoice!

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Joy picked up Stanzi at Spirit Poodles in Minnesota on her way back from her yearly get-together with her college room-mate, Lynn Kernoble.   The girls partied while I took care of the homestead. Well, not entirely unpleasant, since nephew Kenn … Read More

Our New Puppy Is Waiting for Joy to Pick Her Up!

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Her name is Stanzi, short for Constanze. Stanzi is is just seven weeks old. Joy picks her up on November 5th, when she turns nine weeks. She is from a litter of standard poodles at Spirit Standard Poodles in Northfield, … Read More

A Final Good-bye to Our Dog, Tessa and Greetings to Our New Puppy

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Finally, our new girl’s mom, Sunday, had a litter of nine, four male and five female puppies. Hallelujah! One is ours!   We had to go hike Tessa’s favorite trail to let her know.   I’m sure I’m a wuss! … Read More

Is Your Dog Part Wolf?

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OK, Enough About My Dog, Tessa! And dogs on hiking trails How about a new film about dogs and their wolf ancestors? Yes, we found a BBC film, A Man and His Dogs, on Netflix streaming. Martin Clunes from BBC’s Doc Martin, … Read More

My Dog, an Upanishad and Me

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I didn’t hike today I chose to meander off-trail, instead. I wanted to be by myself. For a special reason. So I just moseyed leisurely along the rounded top of a ridge. The shade of towering ponderosa pines fell upon … Read More

Dog Days on the Santa Barbara Trail

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Hiking the Santa Barbara the Third Time This Week! Today I hiked it with my wife, Joy, and our friends, Gwen and John and their two great poodles, Bella and Bodhi.      

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