Molly O Troutman — Memorial Services

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My daughter, Molly O Troutman, died on November 12, 2015. Molly’s  memorial services were held at the Kanuga Inn in Hendersonville, North Carolina on June 25, 2016. Her siblings put together one of the most touching memorial celebrations I’ve ever … Read More

Geezer Backpackers’ Spiritual Vibrations

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My Wise Mentor My paternal grandfather was the least educated, but the wisest one in our family. Granddad was a born seer. With but a third-grade education he nonetheless knew the art of meditation. He’d spend time in daily contemplation, emptying his … Read More

Hiking Through Canyons of Concrete and Glass

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I discovered — I actually re-discovered — how New Yorkers stay in such top-notch physical condition.   Not only do they walk everywhere in Manhattan, but they ride the subway. That may not say much about their physical condition, unless you … Read More