The Deep Medicine of the Woods!

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Leave it to the Japanese to do it right! Watch the video — “Forest Bathing” It may load slowly. Fascinating! It’s what I have been so limply trying to say on this blog-site for over a year. Then too, there are … Read More

A Geezer New Year’s Resolution

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Make 2017 a terrific year for us Geezers. RESOLUTION A bit more exercise. My way is the Trails — hiking. Walking is the very best exercise there is.  The Mayo Clinic says, “Getting older is inevitable, but it’s possible to slow … Read More

Three Geezers Take a Hike

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Okay, we admit it.  We three old dodderers are having more fun than we deserve — at any age.   There is a thirty year difference from our youngest, 58-year-old Brandon and our oldest, 88-year -old me.  Glenn-in-the-middle, just grins and puts … Read More

How to Develop a Geezer Hiking Habit

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The very best exercise for health and happiness in our later years is walking.  And better even than walking is hiking. It is a pleasant way to keep a variety of muscles limber and strong for better balance to catch … Read More

Contemplative Hiking

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Back when I launched Backpacker magazine, I tried to include a piece about the spiritual side of nature in every issue.  My first issue carried a piece by Colin Fletcher about his immersion in the spiritual side of his historic end-to-end Grand Canyon … Read More

“Easy Does It” Geezer Hiking

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When I got to the trailhead this morning the parking lot was filled with twenty-four vehicles. Eleven were from out of state — two from Utah, three from Colorado, one each from Kentucky, Arizona, Washington, Texas and Montana. Just think, they’d come those … Read More

Creativity, Anyone?

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Want to be creative?  I don’t know. I wonder about that. Especially because some people think I’m creative. I’ve forever thought I was weird. I wanted to be more like other people. I wanted to be comfortable being a corporate … Read More

Hiking Through Canyons of Concrete and Glass

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I discovered — I actually re-discovered — how New Yorkers stay in such top-notch physical condition.   Not only do they walk everywhere in Manhattan, but they ride the subway. That may not say much about their physical condition, unless you … Read More

More Tips for Geezers to Avoid Falling

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“You are younger today than you will ever be again. Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow.” (Anonymous) As I trudged up the Divisidero Trail yesterday the thought occurred to me. Yes, I saw that hiking has had a … Read More

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