Power of Geoff’s Faith Shown in Photos

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I got this post from a friend, Geoff Curtis, this morning.  He went from spiritual weakness to physical strength through simple belief. Proof of his metamorphosis is in the photos.  Below is his message.     I’ve felt weakness beyond … Read More

A Good, and Maybe the ONLY, History of Hiking in America

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BackpackerBill’s Take on a New Hikers’ Book On the Trail: A History of American Hiking  by Silas Chamberlin Even though it’s a “history,” the guy writes very entertaining stories of hikers pioneering the way. And it is factually correct!  How do I know?  Simple. … Read More

Is God Out There In Nature?

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I’ve had that question many times. Is God out there — Somewhere? If so, how does God get into my head, speaking to me in “that still small voice?” I know, the Bible says that “it is not here, not there — the Kingdom … Read More

The Holiness That’s In the Air

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While reading Houston Smith’s biography, I couldn’t help identify with what he said in this quote: I always felt happier at Native American gatherings than at meetings of the American Academy of Religion or, for that matter, at the universities … Read More

How Our Wilderness Hike Helped Us Deal With the Election Results

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We three – one voted for Hillary, one for Trump, and one for neither – hiked together all day getting a clearer perspective on the results.   We hiked six-hours over twelve miles in the Pecos Wilderness where we had … Read More

Three Tips for Geezer Hikers

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Taos is where most retirees are outdoorsmen (and frequently outdoorswomen) So you’d expect we hikers to know the ropes from our years of hiking and skiing. But what about the rest of you who are occasional hikers — or just … Read More

Hikers’ Touching Sentiments On the Appalachian Trail

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Here’s a hiking tear-jerker. Dozens of AT hikers do it for Paul. I doubt you can watch this video without feeling the sentiments these hikers gave to Australian hiker, Paul’s dream to hike end-to-end on the Appalachian Trail. Thanks to … Read More

Hiking With My Flatlander Friends and Their Love of Taos Trails

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Most visitors want to hike when they come to Taos. On Thursday it was Jack Connell, his friend Mark and Mark’s son, Brian who came up from Fort Worth.   Jack had us stopping to look at the scenery. “You … Read More

Sunday Hike in Taos, New Mexico

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We wanted to have a whack at connecting a loop of two trails from river to rim in the Rio Grande Gorge from the Taos Junction Bridge out along the rim and back down.  We had each hiked sections of … Read More

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