More DOGS on the Trail

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I can’t help bumping into them — trail dogs and their keepers. Here;s Sam and her dog, Saki.     Today was just another one of those DOG days. So here is Muriel and her rescue Doberman, Jager on the … Read More

Intelligent Design Conundrum for Geezers

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Intelligent design is so easy to observe in the wilderness. All things have chosen their perfect places.  Nothing is out of order. Each rosebush, every pine tree, sagebrush, blade of buffalo grass has followed its inborn intention to the place that gives … Read More

Dogs on a Solstice Hike

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We greeted the first day of summer at 6:30 this morning with an easy hike with dogs at Amole Canyon. It’s just a three-mile loop with almost no elevation gain, but gives the dogs a great time running through the … Read More

How Can We Geezers Prepare for Death?

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  At my age, death and the realization of how few days I have left reminds me daily of how perishable this body is. While I doubt there are many who’ve more belief in a spiritual afterlife than me, I still … Read More

Stay Present Longer

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We all become present at times.  A few of us can be present more often and stay present longer. Practice of being present takes time.  But needn’t take time away from everyday activities.   Our Attention Usually Gets Lost We often get lost … Read More

Three Geezers Take a Hike

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Okay, we admit it.  We three old dodderers are having more fun than we deserve — at any age.   There is a thirty year difference from our youngest, 58-year-old Brandon and our oldest, 88-year -old me.  Glenn-in-the-middle, just grins and puts … Read More

How to Develop a Geezer Hiking Habit

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The very best exercise for health and happiness in our later years is walking.  And better even than walking is hiking. It is a pleasant way to keep a variety of muscles limber and strong for better balance to catch … Read More

Free Spiritual Thoughts-for-the-Day

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There is great power in reading a short spiritual message first thing in the morning.  It sets your mind in the right direction. And if you are like me, you do not awaken with a cheery smile on your lips. Nor … Read More

Contemplative Hiking

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Back when I launched Backpacker magazine, I tried to include a piece about the spiritual side of nature in every issue.  My first issue carried a piece by Colin Fletcher about his immersion in the spiritual side of his historic end-to-end Grand Canyon … Read More

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