Dog-Days’ Dogs

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We regular dog-hikers (as opposed to dog-walkers) bump into each other frequently on the trails.  Today I ran into Cindy and Stanley with their friend, Sandra on the South Boundary Trail.   And also met my trail friend, Joan with … Read More

Out-of-Body-Experience in the Woods?

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A Strange Thing Happened —  one day a few years ago while I was hiking. My listening was opened wide. I was hearing the wind in the trees and the crunch of my boots on the grit of the trail. Then, for a fleeting … Read More

What’s Outside the Box of Space and Time?

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I often camp alone. It’s not that I don’t like camping with others. I have several friends with whom I enjoy chatting  around a campfire. But that’s just it. When I’m alone I observe things I usually don’t if I am chatting. … Read More

And Then There Are Dogs!!

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Today the Italiano Trail with my friend Eric Stamberger. What do you know? We ran into more dogs and their trail companions.   Here’s Rick & Maggie from Albuquerque with their boss dog, Rosie.   And today Italiano was getting lots … Read More

Dog-Walking on Taos Trails – Everywhere!

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It seems walking dogs on our numerous trails around Taos is “what we do.” We hike and we take our dogs along, My wife, Joy, and I had fun meeting dog-walking hikers on a real easy trail along the river by the El … Read More

And Even More Dogs

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Ever since our dog, Tessa, died back on February 29 we’ve been taking pictures of hikers with dogs we meet on the trail. Here are two more.        

More DOGS on the Trail

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I can’t help bumping into them — trail dogs and their keepers. Here;s Sam and her dog, Saki.     Today was just another one of those DOG days. So here is Muriel and her rescue Doberman, Jager on the … Read More

Intelligent Design Conundrum for Geezers

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Intelligent design is so easy to observe in the wilderness. All things have chosen their perfect places.  Nothing is out of order. Each rosebush, every pine tree, sagebrush, blade of buffalo grass has followed its inborn intention to the place that gives … Read More

Dogs on a Solstice Hike

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We greeted the first day of summer at 6:30 this morning with an easy hike with dogs at Amole Canyon. It’s just a three-mile loop with almost no elevation gain, but gives the dogs a great time running through the … Read More

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