My Dog, an Upanishad and Me

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I didn’t hike today I chose to meander off-trail, instead. I wanted to be by myself. For a special reason. So I just moseyed leisurely along the rounded top of a ridge. The shade of towering ponderosa pines fell upon … Read More

What’s Outside the Box of Space and Time?

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I often camp alone. It’s not that I don’t like camping with others. I have several friends with whom I enjoy chatting  around a campfire. But that’s just it. When I’m alone I observe things I usually don’t if I am chatting. … Read More

Stay Present Longer

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We all become present at times.  A few of us can be present more often and stay present longer. Practice of being present takes time.  But needn’t take time away from everyday activities.   Our Attention Usually Gets Lost We often get lost … Read More

Five Classic Spirituality Books

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If like me, you’ve had difficulty grasping the irrational, other-worldly terms used by knowledgeable people speaking about spiritual and mystical matters, you may find these titles helpful in re-arranging your little grey cells. While I do not believe spirituality can … Read More

How to Be Present Now

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The Mountain is Misty Today And I’m so much a part of this mountain now that when the mood of the mountain changes — day to day, hour by hour — so does my desire to hike its trails change … Read More

Why I Love Hiking

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There is a stillness in the forest. And I love it. Actually, there are sounds out there. But they are like music.  And speak to me in wind and birdsong, instead of words. I’ve learned from my years of meditation that this is … Read More

Geezer Meditation

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After 58 years of daily meditation I’m still learning.  I discovered something this morning about staying in deep stillness. I usually meditate after showering and having my coffee and a leisurely chat with my wife. I also meditate again just before going … Read More

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