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Back when I launched Backpacker magazine, I tried to include a piece about the spiritual side of nature in every issue.  My first issue carried a piece by Colin Fletcher about his immersion in the spiritual side of his historic end-to-end Grand Canyon trek, The Man Who Walked Through Time.

And there were many memorable pieces that gave Backpacker its instant success.  And why I continually run into people unexpectedly who remember those days.

Since I sold it in the early 1980s it has become more of a gear and destination publication, with no further interest in the spirituality of nature.  That’s because this is what draws most subscribers.  I understand that and it is why, thanks to the Internet I can spend my time focused upon this side of the wilderness on my blog.

I have been posting now just over a year without any attempt at promoting the site.  It’s heartening to have drawn a small group of viewers from forty-three countries.

I have just found another spiritually oriented hiking site.

Contemplative Hiking is the website of contemplative hiker, Margaret Emerson.

It’s worth taking a look.  Here is her url — http://contemplativehiking.com/what-is-contemplative-hiking/

It is refreshing to find people like her, and what she has discovered in the backcountry.

She has some good suggestions about how to bend away from goal-oriented hiking to the simple joy of nature and its healing power.

Her book goes into some detail about her why’s and how’s of contemplative hiking.


If you like this blog, I am sure you’ll find Margaret’s postings equally worthy.



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