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Want to be creative?  I don’t know.

I wonder about that.

Especially because some people think I’m creative.

I’ve forever thought I was weird.

I wanted to be more like other people.

I wanted to be comfortable being a corporate exec or a professional.

They work their careers well, save some money, take interessting vacations, raise normal kids who do the same, retire with a pension and have a lot of fun joshing with good friends at the Lions’ Club.

I have none of these attributes.

Nor the skills to acquire them.

So what do you do, then?


Put into words what other people want to say.

And after awhile you get good at it.

That’s me.

I couldn’t do what other people do to earn a living, so I wrote.  And had to make do with that.


Not especially.

Though it seems so to others because I owned a very successful hiking magazine and wrote books about hiking.

I did that as my way of earning a living.

Since retiring I can’t count the number of people I’ve met a Sunday afternoon cocktail parties who ask my opinion about books they always wanted to write.

It’s a wonder!

I envy them.  They envy me.

Why not just enjoy what we got?

Well, I confess that it took me 80-plus years to discover that things where I am and who I am are not bad. Actually pretty darn good.

In fact, great!  I’m 88 today.

I have my health, such as it is — patched up enough to allow me to still hike every day.

And to twiddle with the Internet for amusement.

I’ve seen many drop by the wayside and so many others trapped in bodies afflicted with incurable, crippling diseases, just waiting to kick off..

Thank you, God, for this instrument that still ticks satisfactorily enough to enjoy my wife, hiking, and my blog.

What started me off on this rant is a spam e-mail I got this morning.

It’s from an outfit that sounds very professional and helpful.

It offers help with creativity — how to create when ‘Inspiration’ takes a vacation from you.

Here is the website.  i’ve not tried it.  But it sounds good.




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    Happy Birthday, dear teacher and friend!

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