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We regular dog-hikers (as opposed to dog-walkers) bump into each other frequently on the trails.  Today I ran into Cindy and Stanley with their friend, Sandra on the South Boundary Trail.

Cindy her friend Sandra and Stanley 8-5-16 So Boundary Trail


And also met my trail friend, Joan with her pouch, Chewy,  on the South Boundary Trail today.

Chewy and Owners 5-14-16


It’s been a while, but I met Mike and his dog, Stormy, on the Rift Trail.

stormy and i on bench


Bill Shaw and his friend and two dogs were kind enough to stop to let me snap this shot of them on the South Boundary Trail the other day.Bill Shaw, friend and dogs So Boundary 8-3-16


If I missed getting a photo of you and your dog, keep getting out on a trail.  We are sure to bump into each other sooner or later.

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