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Hiking the Santa Barbara the Third Time This Week!

Today I hiked it with my wife, Joy, and our friends, Gwen and John and their two great poodles, Bella and Bodhi.


Gwen and Poodles Santa Barbara Trail 8-12-16
Gwen and her twin poodles Bodhi and Bella on the Santa Barbara Trail


MacLaren and her dog Asu Santa Barbara Trail 8-12-16
The only other dog we ran into was Beautiful MacLaren and her lovable dog, Asu, an Anatolian Pyrenees Shepherd, who loves to cuddle.


IMG_3021 - Version 2
Here John and I take a rest with their pups, Bodhi and Bella. Does it look like I miss having a dog?

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  1. Zev Guber
    | Reply

    Keep on trucking

  2. BackpackerBill
    | Reply

    Thanks, Zev.

  3. MacLaren Scott
    | Reply

    So fun to meet you this weekend Bill! I’ll keep my eyes open for you on our Taos trails. MacLaren and Aysu the pup

    • BackpackerBill
      | Reply

      Good to meet you and Aysu. Golly, I loved Aysu’s cuddly nature!

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