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It seems walking dogs on our numerous trails around Taos is “what we do.” We hike and we take our dogs along,

My wife, Joy, and I had fun meeting dog-walking hikers on a real easy trail along the river by the El Nogal parking lot.  The trail is a nice leisurely access to the 22-mile South Boundary Trail that, while popular with hikers, is most popular for trail bikers.  (I mean pedal trail bikers.)

I’ve been taking pictures of hikers with their dogs ever since we lost our dear, Tessa, last spring.

While it’s no substitute for her, it is a nice way of enjoying other dog-lovers and their companions.

Hillary & Mike with Penny on Tessa's Trail 7-21-16
Here’s Hillary and Mike and their Pyrenees-Blue Heeler mix, Penny. We had to proceed very cautiously as Hillary and Mike are training Penny to become a therapy dog. They’re both school teachers. So should do well.


Marci & Ryan with Shen on Tessa's Trail 7-21-16 (2)
We also met Marci and Ryan with their pouch Shen. They wanted us to know that Shen is a Japanese name for God. Okay. We got it. And can see why they named her Shen.


Dennis and Rio on Tessa's Trail 7-21-16
Golly, it was so good to bump into Dennis and his Dalmatian, Rio. They are regulars on the South Boundary Trail. But I haven’t seen them for a few weeks. Good reason! He’s been off rafting the Chama River. And I’ve been hiking other trails. They knew our dog, Tessa. For the two dogs were always glad to see each other.


John & Orion at el Nogal trailhead 7-21-16 (2)
And before we finished our hike we ran into river guide, John, with his pup, Orion. There are a number of these “river bums” here who run the rapids with guests on rafts during the summer, and teach skiing during the winter. What a life!

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