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Another day on the Santa Barbara Trail, USFS Trail #24.

And more dogs.

Eric and I met three dogs (and their owners) on a great day-hike on the Santa Barbara, one of our all time favorite trails.

First we encountered Mike and his rescue dog, Bensen.

Chatted a bit then moved on up the trail.

We reached the bridge across the Rio Santa Barbara at noon where we stopped and date our sandwiches and solved all of the world’s problems in our lunchtime chat!

We had a date for our dessert at Sugarnymph’s. And my mouth was watering for their fabulous carrot cake.

And here we were loitering, finally realizing we might not be able to get out in time.

Sugarnymph’s closes at 2:00 PM.  So if we hustled.  We barely had enough time.

This was a high priority of course.

Hence we did a little fast shuffle.

Not so fast enough though we’d miss taking snapshots of a couple of more dogs.

First we met Marcy, her dog Max and hiking companion, Sandra.

As so often happens, Marcy said, “Yeah I know you.  You’re Joy’s husband, Bill.”

I’m always shocked at some people’s memory, especially with my senior skipadoddle forgetter.  Marcy brought up events that had occurred about fifteen years ago, reminding me that we had met through our old friend, Wayne, who died so long ago.

Fhe clock was ticking on my carrot cake dessert.

So we, as politely as possible, departed on our way down the trail.

Still we had to take time, just before reaching the trailhead to take one more dog photo.

This was Lucky Lou, the very friendly pooch that Charles was squiring along with his friends from Holland, Monique, Carmen and Pater.





And while we didn’t make our 2:00 PM deadline at Sugarnymph’s they were good enough to seat and serve us our dessert and coffee. (Sorry, I’ve been speaking of my dessert and coffee.

Eric’s dessert was apple crisp with whip cream and a Diet Coke.


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