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My Wise Mentor

My paternal grandfather was the least educated, but the wisest one in our family.

Granddad Kemsley

Granddad was a born seer.

With but a third-grade education he nonetheless knew the art of meditation.

He’d spend time in daily contemplation, emptying his mind in a darkened room set aside in his home as a sacred haven.

No one was allowed entry except in silence and reverence.  Not even a cleaning lady.


The Art of Listening

While Granddad read extensively, his greatest asset was his ability to listen and observe.

He had a curiosity toward the growth of plants and the activity of animals.

Back a hundred years ago when he was in his prime, our homes had neither telephones nor radios..

But he said the world is laden with vibrations of all sorts that we could not see or hear — like ultraviolet waves and X-rays.

Among them were vibrations emitted by humans — both alive and dead.

He said people can attune themselves to a far greater range of vibrations than we ordinarily perceive, including human vibrations.

If we practiced with sufficient discipline, we could access these vibrations.

It requires quiet time, just listening in stillness.

I have experienced much of what he taught me.


Intuition vs Book-Learning

Unfortunately, as a child growing up, I gave myself over to book-learning.

In grammar school we had penmanship practices, writing aphorisms like, “Without the love of books the richest man is poor.”

All was book-learning in every school class all the way through university. This caused my neglect of what I learned from Granddad’s spiritual techniques.

But not total neglect. For once out of university, I picked up mantra meditation.

For the rest of my life I’ve regularly spent twenty minutes to half-an-hour a day meditating.

However, I didn’t learn the true worth of it until much later in life.

When I was fifty-eight I discovered some spiritual practices that suddenly opened my eyes to so great a depth that I became a New Man.

It is impossible to explain.

I do not now appear different to others, even though I now see things in an entirely different light.

The experience isn’t intense all of the time.  But it never leaves me.

And I now perceive many more subtle vibrations.


An Explanation

On an intellectual level, I can say that I now understand my grandfather’s simple teaching.

There is a far wider range of wave vibrations that we popularly access.  Radio, i-phone, television, computers create and access a wider range of waves than my grandfather could have imagined.

And there are even more vibrations out there, still more subtle than modern instruments are yet able to access.

I believe that Granddad was on the mark when he told me that humans emit vibrations that can be felt and understood by others.

For a simple example, how often do you pick up the phone to call someone at the same time that person has just begun dialing you?


Down to Earth Practice

The practice of honing our sensitivity to these vibrations has practical benefits.

Call it imagination.  It doesn’t change the experience.

Besides, there is far more unity among mystics in all cultures, over all ages of human history, than there ever has been among scientists or philosophers..

One value of this knowledge is the ‘presence’ of our loved ones who’ve departed.

I have a powerful sense of Granddad’s presence, especially when I am out on a trail.

And my father.  Likewise, my daughter, Molly, who departed six months ago. And my dog Tessa who died just weeks ago.

They are all with me as I hike.  They too love the outdoors.

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