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There are days!

Feeling so sluggish I didn’t want to get up.

It’s Saturday, so why bother trying?

Sure don’t feel like hiking.  Don’t even feel like getting second cup of coffee.

I’m retired, so what difference will it make if I don’t take a hike today?

Oh, well, what else is there to do if I don’t go hiking?

Alright, already!

I mean, Bill, you’ve had a hectic week of visitors, meetings, doctor check up, phone calls and texting.  No wonder you’re tired!

Bill lost; I won.

My dog, Sanzi, is wagging her tail. And giving me that pleading look.

So we gather jacket, car keys, water bottle and head down the road to the trailhead.

On the way decide not to take the more difficult trail I’d been thinking we’d do, but instead, the easier one closer to home.

Ooops! Forgot my hiking boots. Should I just hike in my street shoes? Or go back for the hiking boots?

Ok, turned around for the boots and thought I still could just back out of the whole idea of a hike today.

But damn, the sun’s out.  No wind.  Perfect day for hiking.

Did you ever have a day like that?

So we get to the trailhead of the easy one, just three miles from home.

Lots of cars in the parking lot. But there are over twenty-plus miles of trails in the network.  Not too likely I’ll run into many hikers.

So we take the trail spur we like best.  It’s one of the least used trails.

The hiking is splendid.  I have it to myself and my Stanzi, who I let run free of my leash, knowing she will let me know when there are other hikers ahead of us that I can’t yet see.  And that is time to leash her up to avoid any issue.

We encounter a guy running up the trail. We get out of the way to let him pass.

Next, another on a bike.  Same thing, Give him a wide birth to pass us.

Seeing Stanzi have so much fun, running way out ahead, stopping to sniff a few bushes, then running off again, gives me such joy that I’m forgetting my lethargy and enjoying myself.

Muscles have loosened up.

Get to a junction with a trail I’ve never hiked before.

Should I take a short section of it?  Or not.

Knowing that it eventually connects with another trail in a mile or so, I take an okay-let’s-give-it-a-go attitude and am amazed at how much I enjoy it.

It dips down into and up out of three arroyos and across the alluvial fans and pretty soon we’ve gone the mile and have come upon that trail intersection.

I enjoy the view and we return the way we came, realizing at the end that we have hiked four miles.

Why post about this?

I guess only to sympathize with others who wake up to that lethargic roll-over and snooze some more feeling.

And to let you know there is hope after the second cup of coffee.


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2 Responses

  1. Ted

    I think I’d need to take the second cup of coffee with me on the trail. That would be the only way I’d keep from curling up under a bush and going back to enjoy those dreams before being so rudely interrupted by the wonderful, bright sun shining through the window.

  2. backpackerbill

    That’s a great way to enjoy the second cup. At least you’re outdoors, old friend!

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