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I can’t believe they’d drive all the way from Dallas —

for just two days of hiking.

But they do love to hike!

They wanted to see the new smokejumpers bridge in the Santa Barbara canyon.

So, of course.



We planned to leave Taos at 9:00.

But 9:45 was okay.

We planned to start hiking at 10:00.

But 11:00 was just as well.


We wanted to get back out in time for carrot cake at Sugar Nymphs.

We were over three hours late.

Oh well!

I mean we have a heck of a good time,

stopping and gabbing,

and gabbing and stopping.


Jack and Bill Taking Story-telling Time


It’s not a bad life for a doddering old geezer like me.

They are all younger.

But what the heck!

We saw the bridge.  And were amazed.

We measured it.

And measured the bigger, wider bridge closer in to the trailhead.

Guess what.

The new smokejumper bridge is four feet longer than the sturdy old bridge.

The Dallas dudes are a riot.  Dry, crackling humor.

Clean, good-hearted, gentle ribbing.  What the deuce!

Anyway, I’ll take their pace and good company — any time they want to come.

Mark and Jack Have Their Story-time As Well

Best I be careful of what I wish for.

They’ve already been here twice this summer.  Or at least some of them.

Maybe it was thrice.

At my age, it makes little difference.  I have a lot of fun with new things.

And since I have the genuine, old-age difficulty with my recaller, everything’s always new to me.

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  1. Heidi Sparkes Guber
    | Reply

    Silly Bill! They didn’t just come for two days of hiking…. they came for two days of hiking with YOU … That’s a treasure!

  2. backpackerbill
    | Reply

    You’re always so kind, Heidi-ji.

    | Reply

    it was thrice and we enjoyed your company, wit and education. we will see you soon.

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