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After a week of not hiking,

and a few days in the hospital, it has taken me another week to get back almost to my normal hiking.

I did not have any hospital issues to sap my energy.

Just a diagnosis of what was bothering me.

So, it was only the week of no hiking that depleted my energy and up-unded my hiking habits.

No big deal, I know. But it’s my age.

I’ll be ninety my next birthday.


So, here’s the deal.

I first had to do an easy one mile hike on a fairly level trail.

Feeling good after the mile, I stretched the hike into a two-miler.

Then a couple of days later did another one mile hike, but this time adding some 200 feet of climbing.

And today, I finally got into full swing, with two miles and an ascent of a few hundred feet on a mountain trail.

This doesn’t sound very exciting.

But it is what I do to keep on doing.

I have a heavy schedule of visitors coming this fall, beginning the first week of August.

They all want to go hiking.


I know we’ll have fun.

And I’ll be in shape for the hikes.

Fortunately, they don’t mind hiking at my geezer’s pace.


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