Fleeing a Fearsome Father

An only son of a shipping tycoon, Malcolm Barrett desperately struggles to find a career out from beneath his father's shadow. Malcolm lives adventures in Malaysian jungles, rodeo riding, pirating and eventually a career in art. As a 1990s New Mexican artist he tries to paint "The Edge of Chaos." What he discovers changes his life ever after.
This literary novel involves a sophisticated examination of philosophy and spirituality. What man among us, in trying to free himself of his father's dominance, has not come through with profound wisdom?

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Backpacker & Hikers' Handbook

  • Must-know trail skills: finding your way, purifying water, cooking on the trail, where and how to set up camp.
  • Solo backpacking, all-female groups, hiking with children, seniors and pets.Ideas for going light and enhancing your trail photography
  • Ideas for going light and enhancing your trail photography
  • How to handle dangerous situations, including encounters with bears, snakes and cougars; inclement weather and medical emergencies
  • Safely explore high mountains, deserts and canyons
  • Extend your hiking season into fall and winter
  • How to plan and prepare for a backpacking trip, with tips on buying essentials and getting into shape

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Harry's Kerouac and Dostoevsky

Why is a middle-aged man driving a Corvette with a license plate JKEROUAC? 

He says he doesn’t want the memory of the Beat Generation author forgotten. He reminisces about some of his favorite author’s books, particularly on the incongruity of the Beatnik’s take on Dostoevsky. Less

Harry grew up as a Hippy, fascinated with the Beat Generation authors – especially Jack Kerouac.

He now is a successful entrepreneur driving a sporty red Corvette, which venerates Kerouac, his favorite author, on his license plate.

Arriving at a parking lot in the center of Taos, New Mexico he spends some time with the parking lot attendant reminiscing of the times he was reading and becoming inspired by Kerouac.

The discussion revolves around Kerouac’s books and scenes from On the Road and particularly the Dharma Bums. The contrasting views of the conservative parking lot attendant with the former Hippy creates a number of fascinating scenes.

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Peter Maurin: Saintly Founder of the Catholic Worker

A spiritual biographical novel based on the life of the founder of the Catholic Worker movement. The noveltells factual details of Maurin's life with author's speculation on some of the thoughts and feelings of this great man. Maurin gave up earning a living. He did any kind of work, but accepted no wages, only food or bed in return. Less
The author went to great length to research details of Maurin's life, visiting his home, baptismal place, school, dormitory, childhood church and interviewed members of his family in his homeland in in France where the family has lived for 1,500 years.

Maurin was a modern-day Saint Philip Neri, in that he preached the word of Christian love, peace and faith to any who would listen.

He buttonholed politically radical Dorothy Day in New York City, who with Maurin, founded the Catholic Worker paper as well as houses of hospitality for the homeless. Today there are 214 of these houses of hospitality in various corners of the world and a following of thousands of Catholic Workers worldwide.

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Joe Blaylock: Alcoholic Preacher

Joe Blaylock is a musically talented son of a famous cardiologist. While his parents want him to become a doctor, as a teen ager Joe chooses instead to become a jazz pianist in a nightclub. When tragedy strikes he succumbs to alcohol and drugs, becomes lost and homeless. A black preacher leads him into recovery and a religious career.

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