This Is Where I Share My Love of Nature

I love spending as much time as possible outdoors among the trees and open sky.

It's the only reason I hike and camp.

I don't just want to see nature, as for instance on TV, or in reading.

Or observing nature through a window.

Driving through it, while better than not, doesn't quite cut it either.

I feel so much better outdoors – even in a city like New York where I lived for many years.

It’s not about accomplishing anything in nature, other than wanting to “see” what’s around the next bend in the trail or over the next hill.

While I’ve even had years and years of rock climbing and mountaineering, now at my age, it matters less and less about how fast or far I hike or how high I climb.

More important is how close I am to the elements, taking as little to shield me from them – less equipment, clothing, reading material, whatever!

Not that I challenge how little I can get by with.

It's just that the less I bring, the closer I feel to the heart of it.

All this of course, in moderation.  That's my motto: "Moderation in all things."

Even ideas about nature can get between me and my immersion in the deep flow of the woodlands.

So, while I like to know the difference between a pine and an oak, a raven and a hummingbird, I actually neither know nor care much about any finer distinctions.

There are of course, bits of information one certainly should know – for safety and comfort reasons.

Best I know how to avoid rattlesnakes, grizzly bears and poison ivy. That goes for mosquitoes and black flies as well.  And also safety under the sun and the water I drink from streams and ponds.

I’m always curious in how I relate to the natural world, which occasionally takes me to the philosophical side of things and how they all twine together and to me.

That’s sort of a sacred area of spirituality and my relationship to birds and animals and other people.

I don't want to advocate or sell anything – except maybe how we can better appreciate each other regardless of who we are and what we think.

I like Jesus' adage: “To love your friends is easy. It’s harder to love your enemies.”

So, this is the focus of most of what I write about on my blog.

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