My Deep Unrelenting Quest

I was turned into a skeptic as a child.

My father did not trust what he read in newspapers or magazines.

He believed preachers, teachers, writers and speakers had agendas they tried to foist on him.

So all of my life I've tried to find what it is that I can trust as being true in all that I hear from my teachers, friends and influence peddlers.

It has been both a blessing as well as a curse.

Its blessing of course is that it opened me to a fascinating array of ideas and experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise.

But on the dark side, I found that people don’t like anyone who disagrees with their point of view.

It took me half a lifetime to discover how impolite and unfriendly I was in disagreeing with what people say.

I was not happy trying to be right all the time rather than making friends.

I also discovered though, that there are also a precious few who do share my insatiable curiosity.

They too, have open minds. They share many things that I've discovered in my search.

So, I'd like to share some of those ideas with whoever finds them useful.

That is what my blog is all about.

If it attracts you, I’m pleased. If it doesn’t of course, you will pass.


Why I Love Hiking

I managed to keep my sanity through the love of the outdoors.

Out in nature I live freely with my skepticism.

I learned to trust my relationship with the mountains, trees, streams and things as my first order of reality.

Upon that, I managed to build a working relationship with among a smaller group of people.

And I can tolerate many of the rest.


I’ve learned that most people build an impenetrable wall of beliefs and are no longer able to question the truth of their believes.

Thus, I’ve learned to limit my socializing  to the shallow, surface of things.

Of course, most people do this. It is not unusual.  And it is really polite.

I’ve noticed though, that when like-minded people are in groups they loosely express their opinions, especially about politics, without regard to whom they may offend.

They seem to believe the world agrees with their limited view.


What I've Learned from My Blog Visitors

Blogging has allowed me to let down my guard and share important things I’ve discovered along the way, but had to more or less keep to myself.

Obviously, out of billions worldwide, a few will relate to this.

In the first few months I've been posting, I've attracted a small group of followers, but almost half of my visitors come from places like Europe, mainly Germany and France; some from Eastern Europe, the Middle-east and South America; and a few from China, India and Malaysia.

They come from 31 countries all together. 

I’ve also noticed that the most viewed posts are those I’ve most enjoyed writing.

This of course has encouraged me to share more.


Why My Website is Entirely Free

Everywhere in life -- churches, classrooms, lecture halls, newspapers, books, magazines, television, Internet  -- whenever money enters the picture, stories get biased. 

To avoid my becoming seduced by the dollar, my blog is free of ads and fees. I will keep on paying expenses from my own pocket.

But, to be completely forthright, I have monetized a few things that if you buy them I will earn a small fee.

They are things I recommend that I personally use.

I’m talking peanuts, just a little that offsets some of my out-of-pocket website expenses.

If this bothers you, please don’t buy anything.  Just read the posts and it's free to comment.

That leaves everything completely free. As it should be, to maintain its integrity.


Let me have your thoughts.  Either get in touch by the contact form below, or better yet, respond to posts to express your views.

Let’s have some fun.  OK?

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