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A Strange Thing Happened

—  one day a few years ago while I was hiking.

Bill in Switzerland AlpsMy listening was opened wide. I was hearing the wind in the trees and the crunch of my boots on the grit of the trail.

Then, for a fleeting moment, it seemed as though I was observing Bill walking, like from over my shoulder.

It was like watching my shadow on the trail in front of me.

It lasted a flicker of a moment. Then gone.

When I tried to do it again, I couldn’t.


Other Hikes

A few days later, while opening my senses to the hiking, it occurred again. But it too lasted for only a fleeting snippet of awareness.

It fled even when I tried to stay with it longer.

This may be “old news” for a lot of you. I know.

But, for me, it was new. I liked it.

I was in the habit of hiking “in the moment.” It was almost a ritual for me.


Runner’s High

Decades earlier while chatting with a friend about having a “runner’s high,” he said he too could get “into the zone” while backpacking.

I couldn’t make this awareness come intentionally.

However, it did begin to occur more often while hiking.

I discovered that these glimpses came when I was in the moment, free of distracting thoughts.

It is now akin to deep meditation, but with my eyes and ears wide open.


Out of Body?

I see it now more as an out of body experience.

It is easy for me to grasp what others describe as out of body experiences.

I mean like those who observe themselves surrounded by doctors and nurses in the Operating Room.  Or near death experiences.

Some studies indicate that at least one in ten of us have these experiences at some time during our lives.

It’s not what you think.  Nor what you believe. Not even what you feel.  It is beyond all sense perception,

After we’ve had one of these experiences we don’t talk about them for they seem so strange that we can’t believe anyone is going to understand.


Beyond Our Senses

Our senses are so over-powering that we forget that beneath all our senses is an awareness that we are seeing, hearing, feeling.

When we have an out-of-body experience, we transcend sense perception and all thinking, even thinking about it.  It is free and pure.  No sense and mental activities at all.

If this sounds confusing, I understand.

We must get “out of the box” of rational, sense perception , as well as beyond our thinking, to have these moments.




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