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We took our dog, Stanzi, on her first hike.

She’s my wife Joy’s four-and-a-half month old pup.

I’m Stanzi’s trail guide. And what a great time this guide has with his client!

We held back taking her hiking until she had her last parvo shot and a little leash-training on shorter walks near home.

So, being a cold, sunny Sunday in January after our last snow storm, why not take her on a hike?


We couldn’t think of a good reason not to.

Hence we went on a mile-and-a-half easy stroll through the Pueblo Indian Pot Creek Cultural reservation.



Stanzi was great.

She knew exactly how to walk on a lightly-reined leash, sniffing all the juniper and pinyon pines as we passed along the trail.

She’s now so bonded to the two of us, that she prefers walking equidistance between the two of us whenever we are separated by any distance.

The trail had an accumulation of about eight inches of fresh snow.

But a few other dog-walkers had trod through the trail before us, leaving a nice narrow, packed surface, easier for Stanzi to work her way along.

Oh what fun to see her having so much fun!

Curious and fascinated by everything new.

After all there is only one time you can do a thing for the first time.

Stanzin knew for sure how to immerse herself in it.

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