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Tessa on snow So Boundary 11-19-15

Our Daily Hike

Yesterday I did a five-mile hike with Tessa.  We climbed a thousand feet in snow up the side of a mountain.

We were only the second ones on the trail.

The first was a grey-haired woman with her dog who we met as she was coming down.

The two dogs enjoyed each others sniffing while we greeted each other.

Today Tessa and I did a quick, short walk so that she could go with my wife, Joy, on some errands in town.


Here is a Spiritual Practice

I learned it in a class I took 27 years ago.

It enables me to be present any time I chose.

Anyone can do it in virtually any situation.

It sounds too simple, yet is enormously powerful.

I do it from time to time on every hike.

Don’t dismiss it when I tell you that it is simply to “pause between activities.”

That is a natural thing to do.  It occurs in nature everywhere.

We can extend it by becoming present at any moment we like.


Nature’s Pauses

The ocean has tides that ebb and flow.

Between each ebb and flow the ocean pauses a moment before turning direction.

Another easy example to observe is to toss a ball into the air.

Before it comes back down it pauses an instant to turn direction.

The heart pauses an instant between beats.  You can actually feel it if you take your pulse.

You can see it on the graph of an electrocardiogram screen.


Don’t Take My Word

All this so far is just my words.

It needs to be put into practice.  I’ll share an aid to this practice with you.

It is a video from a friend about another friend.

It is valuable and entirely free.  No catches.  Just a plain gift for everyday use.




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