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See that sky in the header.  It’s a Taos sky — sunshine and rain.

Me and Larry Gray hike into the thirty percent of the Williams Lake Trail where it rained while Brandon Hubley snapped our picture.


A friend says that when the weather service predicts rain in Taos with a percentage of probability, it doesn’t mean the probability that it is going to rain, but the percentage of Taos that will get rain, while the rest of Taos gets sunshine.

I love that quirkiness of the weather.

The five percent of the Williams Lake Trail that got the snow


And that is precisely what we got on the Williams Lake Trail today, only it also included the percentage of the trail that would get rain, the percentage that would get snow and the percentage that would get sunshine and rainbows.

It’s really a full rainbow arching from one pot of gold to the other. But my flipper phone isn’t wide-enough angle to get it all.


You can’t have it all.  Taos is just too quirky for that, you know!

And what a treat it is every day!

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