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We greeted the first day of summer at 6:30 this morning with an easy hike with dogs at Amole Canyon.

Poodles & Dobies on Amole 6-20-16

It’s just a three-mile loop with almost no elevation gain, but gives the dogs a great time running through the meadow and Ponderosa Pines.

We lost our dog, Tessa three-and-a-half months ago.  So have loved hiking with friends who have lovable pets.

Gwen and John had their poodles, Bodhi and Bella, and their friend, Elise who met us at the start of our hike came with her two dobermans.

IMG_2920 - Version 4

What a trip it was seeing them frolicking with each other.

It always adds another dimension to our hikes to have dogs along.  And it being first day of summer, made it more special.

I shouldn’t be letting out this secret.  But Amole is one of my all time favorite places to hike.  It meanders through a magnificent stand of Ponderosa Pines.  And of course the ground is covered with pungent pine needles.

When the sun hits the pine needles it sets off a sweet smell of pine needles which is so refreshing.

We see very few people on the trail.  And those we see usually bring along their dogs.


Other Trails, Other Dogs and Their , , ,

It seems the trails I hike attract dogs and their owners and I can see why. The trails are beautiful for both dog and human!

Since I miss my dog, Tessa, I’ve been stopping dogs and their trail-walkers to take their photos.

Here some puppies I met the other day.

I met most of them on the South Boundary Trail.


Chewy and Owners 5-14-16
Here’s Joan and Tom with their pup, Chewy


Sam and her dog, Saki 6-17-16
And Sam with and her dog, Saki


Dog Named Saki with Owner Sam 6-13-16

Or was this Sam and Saki (I’ve got a big forgetter at my age!)


They were young and on the fly, but let me snap it as I went by



And next day I took a hike with Geoff and Codee on the Gavilan Trail.

Geoff & Codee on Gavilan 6-18-16
Geoff and his dog Codee in this photo are by the sign to the Gavilan Waterfalls on the Gavilan Trail



Who knew there was a waterfall on this trail? The sign is so old and worn that I’ve hiked right on by it many times without ever seeing it. So where was my attention, right?

Geoff is young enough to be my grandson. But he was a joy to hike with. We stopped and chatted often. And while we chatted all the time about spirituality and how to hike mindfully, this day it was all words. And truth is, that we were not hiking mindfully.

You can’t win them all!

Trail dog walking is a great Taos, NM pastime. I love it. Meet lots of fun people with their dogs out here.

I posted about my Gavilan Trail hike on David Bargers’ The Usual Suspects web sight – https://www.facebook.com/groups/620481918063274/

Have a look. It focuses on our local trails and hikers. Nice site.

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