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Yes, on her first hike in the wilderness of the Rio Grande Gorge Stanzi met 7 big horned sheep!

Bighorn photo borrowed from Dave Bargar. We missed our shot of them.


Hard to say who was more surprised!  Stanzi or us!

She was doing so great on the trail we dropped the leash and let her run ahead on her own.

Just a few steps ahead and then a look back to us . . . always on the trail – perfect.

When she spotted the sheep off to the side, she ran toward them, stopped, barked at them and then just stood her ground – tail up.

We were drop-jawed!

We called her back. She came at once.

We watched as the herd of 7 with, the buck watching the rear, slowly went ahead and deeper into the canyon.

On the way back, relaxed going over the trail she already had been on, she leaped and ran ahead, thrilled to be on her own.

At trail’s end, Joy called and put her into a sit as she approached the rise to the parking lot.

She waited patiently as Joy picked up the leash.

It was a day that surpassed all our expectations, and proved this is OUR HIKER PUP!

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