Another Memorable Trail Moment – Cascade Mountains

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My Spiritual Side of Mountaineering   I climbed and camped in the “high peaks” that summer with a few groups of rock climbing friends from the ‘Gunks. I spent from April through October climbing in California, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, British Columbia … Read More

Best Times of My Life

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I’ll confess right up front. I am an obsessive hiker. I was on my first overnight as a twelve-year-old Boy Scout. I was an avid hiker as an adult, week-ending as often as possible year round. And I still hike at eighty-eight. … Read More

Campfires Are So Alluring!

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Isn’t there something romantic? , , , about sitting with friends around a campfire, our faces aglow from flickering flames, our voices joined in song. And doesn’t just the word, “campfire,” bring out the story-telling impulse from deep within us? I’m reminded of a couple … Read More

Dogs on Hiking Trails

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A dog  attacked our dog, Tessa, on our daily hike this morning. I had put Tessa on leash as the hikers approached. But their dog was not on a leash. In fact, the owners did not even have a leash … Read More

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