Geezer Tortoise-Hike Today

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There are days! Feeling so sluggish I didn’t want to get up. It’s Saturday, so why bother trying? Sure don’t feel like hiking.  Don’t even feel like getting second cup of coffee. I’m retired, so what difference will it make … Read More

Snowless Hiking Trails in February!

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Can You Believe — Just two weeks after a big snowfall, where did it all go? We had a decent additional eight inches of snow on January 26. By February 6, we had lost almost all of it. The groundhog was … Read More

Geezer Question — What Is the Greater Than Myself In Me?

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Ideas flicker through mind Faster than the speed of light on this morning’s hike. Ideas consume my attention. I did my best though, to be present and to empty the mind. Writing about what occurred takes far more time than … Read More

Be Here Now — In a Schoolroom?

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Instead of hearing all that’a wrong with the world, how about something  good? Linda Loudermilk posted on Facebook this cheery bit of news from a Baltimore school Worth emulating? Love it. Thank you, Linda.  

What’s “Out There” May Really Be “In Here”

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Warning! Reading this post might be harmful to your serenity. It may cause a severe case of “thinking.” If you don’t mind the risk, then take a peek . . .     My Curiosity Occurred One Rainy Afternoon I was hunkered down … Read More

Stay Present Longer

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We all become present at times.  A few of us can be present more often and stay present longer. Practice of being present takes time.  But needn’t take time away from everyday activities.   Our Attention Usually Gets Lost We often get lost … Read More

Why I Love Hiking

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There is a stillness in the forest. And I love it. Actually, there are sounds out there. But they are like music.  And speak to me in wind and birdsong, instead of words. I’ve learned from my years of meditation that this is … Read More

Geezer Meditation

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After 58 years of daily meditation I’m still learning.  I discovered something this morning about staying in deep stillness. I usually meditate after showering and having my coffee and a leisurely chat with my wife. I also meditate again just before going … Read More

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