Heal Back Aches Very Slowly At 89

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Most of my followers know I haven’t been on the trail for several weeks. I’ve been recuperating from sciatic nerve issues in my tissues. I mean major paralyzing pains up and down my legs, back and neck. Could barely walk … Read More

What I Learned from the Gita This Morning

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This morning before meditation and my hike I studied a few verses from the Bhagavad Gita. It always amazes me how often I can read the same few words and get more meaning from them the next time I read … Read More

Why Hike?

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A lot of young people mean well. They want to “help” us geezers by telling us we look younger than we are. Or that we can still do things we once did when we were younger. But what a set-up for failure! … Read More

Backpackerbill on Crutches?

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My hiking companion, Brandon, takes a few minutes before we start hiking to stretch his legs and torso.  And he does them when we complete our hike. I wait patiently. I have a set of stretching exercises that are much … Read More

Why We Geezer Hikers Have Better Brain Power!

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It’s true! Just moderate amounts of hiking actually sustains our mental abilities. This is not just anecdotal opinions of health advocates. It is results of dozens of studies conducted over the past few decades, involving thousands of geezer participants. Rush … Read More

Hiking With My Dallas Buddies

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I can’t believe they’d drive all the way from Dallas — for just two days of hiking. But they do love to hike! They wanted to see the new smokejumpers bridge in the Santa Barbara canyon. So, of course.   … Read More

God Can Be Found Outdoors! Really?

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I guess I am just plain lucky. I grew up loving the outdoors. I spent as much time as possible out there. In my old age ‘back then’ was when . . . there were no telephones or radios in our homes. So … Read More

The San Leonardo Trail near the Pecos Wilderness

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The other day I hiked the San Leonardo Trail. With a name like Leonardo how could I resist? While the DaVinci was not a saint, he certainly is one of my all time heroes and a mountain climber centuries before … Read More

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