What Can We Geezers Learn About Dying?

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  At my age, the realization of how few days I have left reminds me daily of how perishable this body is. While I doubt there are many who’ve more belief in a spiritual afterlife than me, I still wonder if … Read More

Poodles on a Get-Acquainted Hike

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Our Poodles Meet, Greet and Romp.   Saturday John and Gwen, Joy and me took our pups on the Santa Barbara Trail. They loved it. On a warm spring day like this what’s not to love? Water high in the … Read More

Tips for Geezers to Age Gracefully While Hiking

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I’m another year older and it’s a bit more difficult to step along with my wife and friend. She’s younger by 18 years and he by 30. So I just lag along behind while they amble on ahead, chatting it up.   … Read More

Three-mile Hike In the Rio Grande Gorge

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We took an easy, round-trip hike on one of our most beautiful trails. Great time of day to hike. We went early in the morning to be sure we would be back in time for Brandon’s appointment. We three, me, … Read More

Stanzi, the Hiker-Dog, Meets Big Horn Sheep!

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Yes, on her first hike in the wilderness of the Rio Grande Gorge Stanzi met 7 big horned sheep!   Hard to say who was more surprised!  Stanzi or us! She was doing so great on the trail we dropped … Read More

Our Pup, Stanzi, Goes On Her First Hike

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We took our dog, Stanzi, on her first hike. She’s my wife Joy’s four-and-a-half month old pup. I’m Stanzi’s trail guide. And what a great time this guide has with his client! We held back taking her hiking until she had her … Read More

It was a year of loss! — Our Dog Tessa. And gain! — Our Dog, Stanzi

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We lost our dear, Tessa, February 29th. Her grave memorial is covered with a hundred rocks, each from a trail she loved. We miss her terribly.   We got Stanzi on November 6 from her mom, Sunday, in Minnesota.   … Read More

Stanzi Has Arrived and We Rejoice!

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Joy picked up Stanzi at Spirit Poodles in Minnesota on her way back from her yearly get-together with her college room-mate, Lynn Kernoble.   The girls partied while I took care of the homestead. Well, not entirely unpleasant, since nephew Kenn … Read More

Our New Puppy Is Waiting for Joy to Pick Her Up!

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Her name is Stanzi, short for Constanze. Stanzi is is just seven weeks old. Joy picks her up on November 5th, when she turns nine weeks. She is from a litter of standard poodles at Spirit Standard Poodles in Northfield, … Read More

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