Why I Read the Bhagavad Gita Before Taking My Hikes

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For a few minutes every morning, before I hike, I clear my mind in silent meditation. I then read a few verses of the ♥ Bhagavad Gita. ♥ (see footnote) I consider the Gita a universal, philosophical view of the reality that’s out there … Read More

Finding Your Other Self

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Can We Choose Which Self We Want? On His Deathbed Scientist James Clerk Maxwell said about his other self.   “What is done by what is called myself is, I feel, done by something greater than myself in me.”   Wouldn’t it … Read More

I Awoke to a Blizzard

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We Already Have 8 Inches This Morning And the storm is expected to last for three days! Not that I am complaining. This is a prime ski area, probably the best in North America for downhill skiing.  So it’s a … Read More

Why Jesus?

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Yes, I confess, I am a Christian! I studied many other faiths. I feel in accord with Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. I even have empathy toward the brighter side of Islam. And of course, how could anyone not have a … Read More

Suppose the Jesus Story Isn’t True?

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  Isn’t what Dawkins says here due to the power of The Jesus Story?   You may not be a Christian, nor even religious.  Perhaps you’re even an atheist. Whatever, just watching this film with an open mind may give … Read More

The Wilderness of the Mind

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I was sitting in a large auditorium with a hundred or so other students, listening to a lecture on philosophy by a remarkable professor, when I realized there wasn’t a thing in that room that was “natural.”   I searched … Read More

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