More For Geezer Backpacking Thinkers

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We had 8-to-10 inches of snow last night. So no hiking today. Just walking my dog Tessa in deep snow a few hundred paces was as tiring as a couple of miles of trail on an ordinary day. Hence, I’ve been … Read More

For Geezer Backpacking Thinkers

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Out on the Trail I have difficulty describing the beauty of what I see on the trail. It isn’t easy to put into words.  And not very effective. Pictures do better. But, even they can’t capture the mood of the … Read More

Old Dodderers in the Backcountry

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We Must Have Been a Sight! We old dodderers can’t stop taking to the woods. My nephew Kenn Petsch is my favorite hiking companion. We have hiked dozens of times in the Grand Canyon, doing it just about end to end … Read More

Hiking’s Great Gift – Attention

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Being Present as We Hike I have learned more about how my mind works from hiking than was ever mentioned in the bevy of psychology courses I took at university. “Attention” is the most important. I mean, where you give your … Read More

Why I Hike Alone (with my dog)

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  Hiking Spirituality There are fewer out-of-state license plates at the trailhead and it’s too cold for pine nut pickers. Ordinarily we think of November 1 as the first day of winter in the Southwest, and expect snow at any … Read More

Geezer Backpacking

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I’m an Old Guy Backpacker It is really about how much I love the backcountry. I’m 87 years old and still backpacking. I’m making my camp in my favorite Ponderosa pine forest during the full moon. I try to do a backpacking … Read More

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