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Our Youngster Brandon at 58, Old Bill at 88 and Glenn-in-the-Middle 73

Okay, we admit it.  We three old dodderers are having more fun than we deserve — at any age.

Bill and Glenn by an Even Older Doug Fir. Our Youngster Geezer Is Taking the Photo


There is a thirty year difference from our youngest, 58-year-old Brandon and our oldest, 88-year -old me.  Glenn-in-the-middle, just grins and puts up with our foolishness, though he also has his ways.

But damn, we do enjoy ourselves on the trail.

We just did a six-miler the other day. Took our time. Stopped for a picnic lunch and were back in time for Brandon to take his daughter home from school.  He’s a bit old for such a young daughter.  But that keeps him young, too.


Since this is Wilderness, they had to build this bridge by hand! And get its parts  in here by pack animal.

Brandon on Centennial Trail 6-1-16

Brandon. The Youngster, Takes a Break

Hoofing the Santa Barbara Trail

We hiked one of the most heavily-used trails in the Pecos Wilderness, the oldest wilderness in the nation.

We did not meet a single person on the trail though, because we were out there before summer-break when this trail gets its heaviest use. They come from all over the world to hike here.

It’s a beautiful trail running alongside the Santa Barbara River gently climbing up through the canyon to the Truchas Lakes at the base of the 63-mile long Skyline Trail.

We hiked three miles up the canyon to the junction of Trail 25 where we stopped for lunch.

They say, and I am sure they are right, that hiking is the very best exercise for overall physical fitness.

Thank God for that!

For hiking is my favorite pastime, next to eating the gourmet meals my wife, Joy, prepares for me each evening.

Tonight roast chicken, with sweet potatoes, apples, seasoned with lemon, glazed with a 10-year old Bulleit Bourbon and peppered maple syrup from my Vermont brother, Mike and wife Lee.

I mean, could life get any better?

I’m writing a book for geezers with tips and anecdotes to keep us old geezers stepping along the trails.  If you have any suggestions of items to include, please email me at BackpackerBill@taosnet.com.  And look for the title sometime this fall.


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