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Love it! We Taoseneans really are dog lovers, aren’t we though?

My wife, Joy, and I met two dog-hikers and their dogs on the Santa Barbara Trail, yesterday.  And two more on the South Boundary Trail today.

The two yesterday were Daniel, from Taos and Dave, up from Albuquerque.  From the load Dave was carrying it looked like he was making a bid for a tree-line campsite.  He didn’t stop long enough for a chat.  So I’ll never know.  Not unless he sees this and let’s us know.

Daneil & Red Border Collie Valen on Santa Barbaa Trail 8-7-16
Daniel and his Red Border Collie, Valen


Dave and his Shelty Buddy onSanta Barbara Trail 8-7-16
Dave and his Sheltie, Buddy. That’s his dog’s name, Buddy, though he’s sure to be Dave’s buddy as well.


I hope Dave forgives me the quality of this photo.  I had to enlarge it so much it got fuzzy.

My wife and daughter say I need a better camera, i.e. a “real” phone.  But, heck, I hardly use it except to snap a photo on the trail from time to time.


That was yesterday.

And today we did a stretch of the South Boundary Trail, which is so much closer to home.

This trail is a dog walker’s paradise.

We meet so many regulars every day we hike it.  And we met a few today.  But we also met two new ones. New to us, I mean.

Ally and her Sable German Shepherd Sol on the South Boundary 8-8-16
Here’s Ally and her Sable German Shepherd named Sol


I love hearing their stories too.

When Ally was looking for a dog a friend called to tell her there was a German Shepherd “with your name on it.”

So, of course you’ve heard this story before.

Ally went to have a look.  What she found was a badly injured dog with a vet about to amputate its leg.

Well, that wasn’t what Ally wanted to hear.  She fell instantly in love with this blond sweetheart and they all agreed to wait and see if Sol’s leg could heal with a little help from the vet.

Well, enough said.  Ally’s now got a very grateful and lovable German Shepherd that thinks it’s a lap dog!


Next we bumped into Michael and his daughter with her Papillon, Moxie.  Michael, despite his youngish good looks, is Kayta’s father visiting her from his home in Cape Cod.

Moxie has a beautiful bushy tail almost as long as he is.  He was very friendly and a charmer.

Michael from Cape Cod with Taos daughter Kayta and her Pappillon named Moxie on South Boundary Trail 8-8-16
Michael from Cape Cod with Taos daughter Kayta and her Pappillon named Moxie


Since I’d never heard of the breed before, I Googled it and was surprised at what I read —

The Papillon shares top billing with the Toy Poodle as the brightest and most trainable of the toy breeds.

How about that!  It’s scary.

I know, for our Poodle, Tessa, was so smart she often out-witted me.

And she did it with such charm she’d get me laughing instead of disciplining her!

Yikes, and a Papillon is that bright!  And mischievous!  Look out, Kayta.


And Then the Next Day . . .

Can’t help it.  I just keep finding trail dogs.  After bumping into regular, Dennis with his dog Rio, and Michael, Kayta and Moxie again, I met someone new, Tamara with her Sheep Dog, Dawson.

What a beautiful creature.  He was tough to photograph.  Far more interested in getting down the trail to the water in the stream!  Couldn’t blame him.  But here they are in the best photo I could get.

Tamara & Dawson South Boundary 8-9-16
Tamara and her Sheep Dog, Dawson, on the South Boundary Trail


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