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What a gift it is to have grandchildren!  We don’t deserve them, but oh-such-joy they give us when we stop to see them.

The finale of my trip to New York was visiting my daughter, Maggie, her great husband Doug, and their three children.  And what a carnival of coming and going that was.

It tires me just thinking of their whirlwind week-end schedule:

Friday – 10:00 Meet Maggie at Oculus in downtown Manhattan for tour of new passenger train center in lower Manhattan

Maggie’s office is now in a new building opposite Oculus.


Saturday – 8:00 Sydney and Ewan lacrosse practice


9:00 – Tae Kwan Do practice for all three grandchildren, Kelsey 9, twins Sydney & Ewan 6.


Front row in white from left — Sydney, Ewan, Kelsey — breaking boards with a kick.


11:00 – Kelsey lacrosse game

11:30 – Twins basketball game

Sydney, Number 8, ready for practice shot.


Ewan putting one in.



4:00 – Kelsey Basketball game

Kelsey charges through to score!


6:00 – drop off Twins for soccer try-outs

7:30 – Pick up twins after try-outs

7:30 – dinner


10:00 Church – Sydney ballet rehearsal

11:00 Twins basketball game

12:00 Kelsey Soccer

Lunch out

2:00 Daughter Katie and her partner, Charles, join us for the rest of day

4:00 Kelsey Basketball game

6:00 Kelsey try-outs for soccer

7:30 dinner cook-out at home


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  1. maggie shafer

    Loved having my Dad visit and giving his grandchildren (and me) an opportunity to show off what amazing kids they are! While just a typical weekend at our household, we are a family that thrives on activity! It’s something I learned from my Dad as he is a shining example of how staying active leads to a full and rich life.

    One thing my Dad forgot to mention was that we also squeezed in a few rounds of bowling Saturday night and introduced him to Rita’s famous Italian Ice for dessert (he enjoyed the classic Cherry with Vanilla Custard!)

    We love and miss you Dad, and while you are not with us every day, know that there is a part of you in everything we do.

    Love, Maggie

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