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There is a stillness in the forest. And I love it.

SB Trail Sept 2015

Actually, there are sounds out there.

But they are like music.  And speak to me in wind and birdsong, instead of words.

I’ve learned from my years of meditation that this is what it is all about.  I mean what life is all about.

When you settle down, allow all thoughts to leave the head, and even step beyond your mantra, there is that wordless, thoughtless, imageless stillness that is very much the same as the stillness in nature — I mean all alone with nature.

It is the essence of all reality.  And it can be experienced while still in this land-bound body and mind.

I’ve recently been going back to reading things that I’d read years ago. I’m simply re-reading the highlighted and asterisked portions.

Here’s a beauty from John of the Cross.

The soul finds no terms, no means, no comparison whereby to render the sublimity of the wisdom and the delicacy of the spiritual feeling with which she is filled. . . none of the kinds of images, in none of the sensible representations, which our mind makes use of in other circumstances.

How’s that for what can be found in nature that I have difficulty finding back home, even in meditation.


Or how about this one from Swinburne?

Here begins the sea that ends not till the world’s end.  Where we stand,

Could we know the next high sea-mark set beyond these waves that gleam,

We should know what never man hath known, nor eye of man hath scanned . . .

Ah, but here man’s heart leaps, yearning towards the gloom with venturous glee,

From the shore that hath no shore beyond it, set in all the sea.


And this from William James.

That doctrine that eternity is timeless, that our ‘immortality,’ if we live in the eternal, is not so much future as already now and here.

It really is unbelievably simple, isn’t it though?

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