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Finding My Way – Both on the Trail and In My Head


I was feeling energetic so I chose a bit more strenuous trail this morning. Besides, I’ve a cramping in my calf muscle.

So this trail, being steeper and rockier, will loosen it up with a better work out.


For gosh sake, right off the bat, I missed a turn in the trail.

I took only a few steps before I realized it.  But nonetheless, I missed it.


Here’s the trail. Can you tell where it turns? I had my head down so deep in thought that I missed the turn.

I was pondering an important question

So, I was not as present as I usually am on a hike.

Isn’t that the way we often hike, though?

I often see runners wearing earphones as they zip by, obviously splitting their attention between their listening and where their feet pound the dirt.

I get it!  It’s obviously why I missed the trail’s turn.

I tried to give up my thinking and pay more attention to my hiking.


Oops, I meet a hiker.

She is walking her dog. So I stop to take her picture, which I’ve been doing ever since I lost my dog last spring.

She is the third woman hiker with a dog I met on the trail today.

But when I met the others I was so preoccupied that I forgot to take their photos.

Aura and her hiking companion, Neptune. While Aura has a fitness and yoga practice in town, I was pleased to see that a healthy part of her own fitness workout is on the Divisadero Trail with her pooch.


On my other hikes this week I did take a few photos of other hikers and their dogs.


Here is my friend Cindy and her friend, Sandra, with Cindy’s dog, Stanley. Cindy is a regular on these trails.


And on Tuesday I met Janet and Nicole with their dogs K-cee and Karlton on the South Boundary Trail


I wonder why I see so many women with dogs on the trails. Far more than men.  is this a Taos phenomenon?  Or is it more widespread?


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